We belive in great sound, that is our passion and that's what we want to achieve. It is common to get great sound from amazing speakers but it is even more common to forget about the acoustics and end up with shitty sound. No more, we help you at your event to adapt the acoustics for your purpose with our mobile sound absorbers. We can even add graphix or art work onto them through paint or 3D mapping.

If you need more help with organizing the event or like the idea of only using one supplier for it then, we are your guys. We have an experienced tech and event team and a solid network of companes who we are working with.  If you are looking for a comlete solution with amazing sound, look no further.

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The Sound Lab develops, designs and assembles innovative mobile acoustic solutions for You who organize events and who is looking for the best audio experience possible.

Are You going to organize a concert, a conference or a trade show and want to offer Your visitors a really good audio experience?
Then You should look in to what we have to offer.

With the help of our mobile acoustic solutions, the audio experience at your event to be significantly improved.


The way the events industry looks today, many are holding acoustics demanding events in premises not intended for this, which means that the audio experience often falls abit short.
The venue may be ideal for a sporting event or an art project, but not great for a music event or conference.
With the help of The Sound Lab, you can therefore create better conditions for the room you have chosen and thus give it just the right acoustics to suit yourevent.


Imagine that you are cooking a chili con carne. You season it...and season it some more, just to find the right taste, but then when you eat, you discover that the spices completely taken over another. The Piripiri makes the dish too strong, the garlic fills Your nose and it is as salty as the Dead Sea. There is no balance between the flavors, there is simply too much of everything.

This is how sound works!

Imagine you have a box, and that it will fit a certain amount of sound. If it gets too much the sounds starts to mess with each other in much the same way that the seasoning of the savory chili con carne did. There is simply no room for the different elements.
The vocals will not pop out, the speech will not be heard, or the electric guitar is lost among the drums and so on.

What our acoustic solution does is to create order in the chaos of different sounds.
It does this by filtering out the parts of the sound that should not be there, such as unwanted clutter and hum. And the result is that Your visitors are getting exactly the audio experience they are supposed to have.